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COAST Apparel is a team and family of coastal living enthusiasts. We grew up, as so many did, spending summer vacations and long weekends with our family and friends lying on the beach, playing in the ocean, dining on seafood and enjoying every moment of every day. As we grew older, so too did our anticipation to return to the coast time and time again. There was one thing that we could never figure out. We could never understand why that sense of contentment and joy of life everyone seemed to share at the coast was never equaled when we’d return to our inland homes.

We set off on a mission with the challenging task of figuring out how to integrate the coastal lifestyle into the everyday. After countless discussions and numerous trips to the coast we realized we each had clothes that ignited that magical coastal experience in our minds no matter where we were.

It were these moments of inspiration that motivated us to create an apparel line for others who appreciate the comfortable yet sophisticated coastal lifestyle. Our first product line began with the WINYAH POLO, designed individually for men and women. With that first line of clothing our story began as we explored new fashionable and comfortable clothing for the coast.

Our clothing lines are designed to take you back to the coast with the feeling of our premium fabric on your skin. They are comfortable and elegant in the cut, style and feel. It is our desire that when you put on a piece of COAST apparel, it will ignite some of your fondest memories and place you in a coastal state of mind no matter where you are.

Here at COAST, the drinks are cold, the breeze is sweet, the sun is shining and the dress is casual. If you share our love for the coast, we invite you to talk the talk, walk the walk and dress the part.”

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